About Me

My name is Ben Park and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia. My idea involves the idea of whether or not a quiet classroom actually a good classroom. I chose this topic since I have always been one of those loud students in class, to the point to where my teacher(s) always believed that I was disturbing the class. I have always believed that a louder class, where students are verbally participating and understanding the information through application. I hope that I am able to learn whether a quiet classroom is beneficial in comparison to a classroom that is loud with active students. I hope that whoever reads this blog is able to learn that the traditional classroom setting may not be the most efficient setting for students to learn at their optimum capacity.

  • How has the traditional classroom setting influenced students currently in college?
  • What are benefits of having a class that verbally participates?
  • What are the disadvantages of having a loud class?
  • Do teachers prefer a class that actively participates in class or one that is quiet?
  • Does a student truly understand the information in class when they are nodding their heads?
  • By keeping students quiet in class by reading, do they really get anything out of class time?

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